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Zombie OG


Violator Kush


UK Cheese


Tuna Kush


Purple Urkle


Pink Death


Northern Lights


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Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies


Cannabis Fat Burner Capsules


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Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms


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Sour Diesel


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Live Resin- White Lightning


Live Resin- Purple Kush


Live Resin- Gas Mask


Live Resin- Death Bubba (Indica)


Lucky Extracts – Tahoe OG Shatter (Indica)


House Shatter: White Rhino


House Shatter: Strawberry OG


House Shatter: MKU


House Shatter: Master Kush


House Shatter Mix and Match 7G


Concentrate co. Skywalker OG (Indica) 1g


Aftermath Extracts – Purple Punch (Indica) 1g


Sugar Wax- Pre-98 Bubba (Indica)


Sugar Wax- Nuken (Indica)


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Malabar Dried Mushroom




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