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Smile and say gun! Just like the AK 47 gun, the AK 47 autoflowering feminized seeds are equally strong for shooting away any mental bothers from the user. She packs an epitome of stability, where her buds get strongly attached to the braches to deliver her up to 550gms per square meter of outdoor yields and 450gms per square meter indoor yields.


After much thinking, traveling, testing, breeding, and more testing, Relaximo gave us the best of both worlds! However, since our expert was not impressed with the yield and quality of the existing AK47, he crossbred it with our superior White Widow XTRM strain.

And so Relaximo locked himself in a space that was not to be entered by any of us. And there he lived like a hermit, on bread and water, all with the purpose of creating the worlds ultimate AK47. Finally one day our man, with a scruffy beard, a huge smile and a tear of happiness, came outside. Stoned out of his mind, he brought us the wonderful news: The AK47 XTRM auto-flowering! “Here’s your love!” the seeds master roared!

By merging the two existing strains, Relaximo had given us the AK47 XTRM! He made some corrective growth selections to ensure a better plant figure and stam to bud ratio and finally stabilized her into this wonderful cannabis plant. Due to its high level of Sativa, this plant makes for an ideal medicinal strain. The AK47 XTRM brings a divine high with a tingling touch.

Relaximo has proven himself once again. Without him, the world would not have been as glorious as it is today. Since there are no AK47 as perfect as our AK47 XTRM! We offer the AK47 XTRM as regular, feminized and auto-flowering feminized. Get blown away by our power strain AK47 XTRM.


The CBD level is very high in this strain and has amazing medical effects. As you probably know, Cannabidiol (CBD), the second most prevalent cannabinoid of cannabis after THC is primal for alleviating conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and chronic conditions.

The CBD in the AK 47 auto fem when coupled with her skyrocketed amounts of THC (an average of 24% to be specific) help in creating the entourage effect, which in turns makes the pothead happy, profoundly relaxed, and with a clearer sense of mental clarity.


Probably you are looking down on yourself citing the lack of experience in your quest to germinate the AK 47 autoflower seeds. Truth be told, though, that this beauty has an easy growing difficulty, and it is typically the real deal for growers of the different experience levels. Are you a beginner? Don’t fret.

For you to aptly germinate the seeds, you need to be decisive on the germination method to use, which should undoubtedly not be a problem, especially with the presence of our valuable germination guide. Either way, it matters not the method you choose, provided you follow our expert tips.

Secondly, there is no worry about the lighting schedules as this is an auto-flowering strain. By definition, autoflowering strains are those that automatically cross-over from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without any dependence of lighting schedules. As of this phase, you typically need to ensure that your AK 47 auto receives sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. But wait, how much water does she need? Check out this awesome blog post.


We sell more than 120 different pot seeds. Buy your desired seed online and receive your order with free worldwide shipping! Need some help growing your seeds, read our grow articles!

If you’d like to explore other different cannabis strains be they regular, feminized, or other autoflowers along with the AK 47 auto, then be sure to fully explore our website. It won’t have to surprise you as you notice that we have newer strains on our online store. Have you subscribed to our newsletter? It would be best if you do so today as we usually email our subscriber list any offers and new strains as they come.

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Seeds 10 SEEDS, 5 SEEDS
THC Level Up to 24%
indica 25%
sativa 75.00%
Yield Outdoor Up to 550 grams / 19.4 ounces per sq meter
Height Indoor Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Flowering Time Indoor 7 – 8 weeks
Grow Difficulty Easy

Additional information

Additional information


10 seeds, 20 seeds, 5 seeds

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