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Aussie Blues Feminized strain is a killer blue haze hybrid. The mother of this strain is an Australian Bush a.k.a. Duck. First we crossed her with the delicious taste and potency of our Azura and then crossed again with our specially selected multiple award winning Jack a.k.a. Light of Jah. The result after 4 selections is this Powerful 90% sativa with a lemony smell and grow potentials of a winner.

The Aussie Blues Feminized gets praised for her standing out potency that ranges between 20 and 30%, with 24% being her average. This is one of those strains that we are confident, yet emphatic with beginners not to take her hit before they get their feet wet in smoking dope.


As mentioned above, our Aussie Blues strain comes as a result of crossing of 4 different strains. Here, we are equally proud of our master breeder, Relaximo, for putting in the effort and seeing to it that this superman punching strain is under our name.

If there would be any competition for the strains that feature up to four crossings, then we are such confident that our Aussie Blues feminized seeds would emerge the winner. No doubt about that. And when we recommend her to intermediates and veterans, we are always confident that, yes, the Aussie Blues strain has got you, our customer.


The Aussie Blues feminized seeds give rise to a more of a medical strain than a recreational one. She packs generous amounts of CBD, in additions to her high THC levels to knock off most of the medical conditions.

As she is mostly a sativa, we find the daytime being the best time for taking her hit. This way, you rest assured that you can proudly have your moods enhanced, your creativity boosted, and your happiness guaranteed. And please don’t forget that I am writing this description early in the morning, under the influence of the Aussie Blues strain, and if you can read ion between the lines, you can nod that, truly, I am mentally clear. I wish you start your following day such lively, too. Make this dream a reality by buying these AMS cannabis seeds.


This feminized seed is moderately difficult to grow. Need some help growing your seeds, check our Grow Guide.

Also, growing the Aussie Blues strain from seeds shouldn’t be daunting now that we have done the overwhelming work for you and come up with a handy germination guide. The guide incorporates our nitty-gritty of the tips garnered over the years since we started growing pot. Aussie Blues is a massive yielder and rest assured that of you do everything right, you can harvest up to 700gms of outdoor yields or 400gms per square meter indoors.


You will need to provide your beautiful Sativa Aussie Blues fem with the needful attention, though. From seedlings, you will need to ensure that she gets sufficient water, and up to 18 hours of light, especially as she approaches the flowering phase.

Necessarily, all the tips mentioned in our grow guide come handy as you cultivate the Aussie Blues fem from seed, and your attention is ultimately needed. She is also one of the tallest strains, with her outdoor heights being up to 250cm, and indoor heights going to as high as 110cm. This means that she is one of the tallest Sativas, and that she requires enough spacing. Growing her in your balcony isn’t the best option as the growing space there could be limited.

Smoke this grass and enjoy the Australian Blues. Or choose one of our 120+ other cannabis seeds.


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Seeds 10 SEEDS, 20 SEEDS, 5 SEEDS
THC Level Up to 20%
indica 10%
sativa 90%
Yield Outdoor Up to 550 grams / 19.4 ounces per sq meter
Height Indoor Up to 250 cm / 98.4 inch
Flowering Time Indoor 10-Dec
Grow Difficulty Moderate

Additional information

Additional information


10 seeds, 20 seeds, 5 seeds

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